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15 I hired Ms. Tommaney to try to go after my former employer regarding my termination after I had complained to my employer regarding unequal pay as well as harassment and discrimination I suffered at my job. Ms Tommaney was very thorough. She never hesitated to answer my calls and emails promptly. She negotiated to get me a favorable settlement in a very difficult case. I would highly recommend Ms Tommaney as she is sharp, personable and will fight for her clients. - Susan January 22, 2018
14 Finding a good lawyer is difficult, but I was fortunate to have found Elizabeth M. Tommaney who stands apart from the rest. Ms. Tommaney has continuously demonstrated professionalism, expertise, timeliness, and a sincere interest in my situation. I was impressed with her attention to detail, the time she took to understand all the details, and the research she conducted on my behalf. These qualities ensured us to be successful right to the victorious end. I am very privileged to have had Elizabeth in my corner, a definite asset in assisting me with the final negotiations and settlement. Elizabeth Tommaney is efficient, responsive and an absolute pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her. Thank you, Liza, for helping me seek justice, you went above and beyond all my legal expectations. - Enzo January 9, 2018
13 Ms. Tommaney is the ultimate professional. She has been helping me with a work related matter. I would highly recommend her if that situation arises that you need an attorney to help you fight righting a wrong. You are not alone when your company so blatantly tries to slander you to protect the wrongs they have made. My husband and I have been so impressed with her personal touch. She really cares about you and your situation. I would feel proud and privileged to have her as a friend. Her compassion for you is felt from the very first conversation she has with you. My situation I am sure is not unique. We are fighting a company that is protecting a supervisor who has lied. No company or supervisor has the right to destroy the career of a person that has given them thirty years of faithful service. I am confident that Ms. Tommaney is acting accordingly and is looking out for my interests. I cannot say it too many times that I would highly recommend her to help you address your unfortunate situation.- Jean September 2, 2017
12 I consulted with and ultimately hired Ms. Tommaney last year to defend me in a very complex wrongful termination case with multiple avenues in which we are pursuing justice. This case is still on going. Ms. Tommaney has been attentive, thorough, professional and very helpful to me. I am truly happy that I hired her as she continues to work relentlessly so that successful outcomes will be attained in the end. - Anonymous August 7, 2017
11 Cut throat defense and maybe not the strongest case.... She prevailed with poise, professional sympathy, and what appeared to effortless maneuvers. I am very grateful. - Jordan August 6, 2017
10 I contacted Liza to assist with my separation severance package. She was very professional and super responsive to all my request. Liza was very assiduous and consistent will handling my case and she negotiated a new severance with my previous employer. I would not have had the same outcome if I hadn't hired Liza. I received a very positive outcome to my case. I would highly recommend Liza, she provided clear and concise communications throughout the entire process. Thank you. -Darnelle July 18, 2017
9 Ms. Tommaney was a good listener, remembered everything and returned my calls promptly; she was knowledgeable and prepared and negotiated my severance package with a positive outcome. She is a pleasure to work and I highly recommended her. - Tina July 16, 2017
8 Elizabeth Tommaney is an extraordinary lawyer. She walked me through a process that was extremely difficult and traumatic. She was knowledgeable and helped me to understand every step of the legal or process. She was supportive of my emotional and psychological distress and she treated me and my family with the utmost respect and kindness. She was honest and genuine; I always knew what was going on in the case and she answered my questions clearly and swiftly. I trust Elizabeth unconditionally. She is assertive and I always knew that she was working on my behalf. I trusted that, if we went to trial that she would fight and was willing to fight on my behalf. Elizabeth was also very responsive to my calls and concerns and acted very swiftly in my best interest. She is extremely intelligent, experienced and well versed in the he law. I could not have persevered process if it was not for Elizabeth. She is truly amazing at what she does. I am lucky to have found such a fine lawyer. - Anonymous April 30, 2017
7 "Highly recommended!!!! Liza was very professional and promptly addressed all issues pertaining to my case." - Anonymous January 13,2017
6 "Liza was quick to respond from the time of my initial call and was very accessible throughout our brief time working together. Because I was distressed and unfamiliar with the process I was working through Liza's counsel was extremely valuable to me. She listened, recalled even the smallest detail provided to her and despite knowing she could most likely gain me additional benefits there was never pressure from her once I explained my concerns and the end result I preferred." - Pamela December 12, 2016
5 "She was very quick to respond to my questions,offered great advise ,I am not in need of counsel at this moment but should the need arise she will be the first call" - Donna Bartkowiak October 3, 2016
4 "I was downsized by my company and received a severance package that, in my opinion, was inadequate. I retained Elizabeth to renegotiate a settlement with my former employer. Throughout the process, she provided me with excellent advice based on her experience on both sides of such cases. In the end, she negotiated a new agreement that was much more equitable and met my goals. Highly recommended." - Anonymous September 8, 2016
3 "Elizabeth Tommaney represented me in an unemployment appeal case. Her communication and knowledge is excellent. Elizabeth also showed sincere concern for my well-being. Thank you for everything you have done." - Renee August 25, 2016
2 "Liza represented me in a case against my former employer. I found her to be sympathetic and easy to talk to. She kept me up to date on the progress of settlement talks. The best part is I ended up with nearly 5 times the amount my former employer had offered me. I recommend her." - Bob August 4, 2016
1 "Ms. Tommaney conducted an incisive analysis and suggested significant key revisions to our contracts. She was easy to work with, is a great listener and provided great insights into the mission of our organization. I would highly recommend her." - Cathryn June 2, 2016

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